Are you a transporter, shipper or logistics entity? Are you looking for a reliable online electronic container/cargo monitoring System that can withstand harsh working environment and long hours of operation yet maintaining accuracy on status reporting?

Do you want to monitor your high value cargo all the way during transit from source to destination?

Do you want to earn absolute Clients’ Trust by keeping them informed in real-time about the location/status of their cargo/container at any given point during transit?

Look no further!

KinConsults has an extremely reliable GPS container monitoring/tracking solution which provides real-time tracking and control of assets in-transit. The solution incorporates a robust physical lock with in-built sensors and is self-powered for long hours of work.

The solution will enable you to instantly get to know if there are any bottlenecks along the way and most importantly if the container doors are being opened, thanks to the advanced tampering reporting capabilities of the Solution’s Electronic Lock.

Benefits of our Container Tracking Solution

  • Cargo Traceability – Be able to trace the status/location of your cargo/container in real-time, anytime, anywhere!
  • Client Cargo tracking Platform: You can enable any of your respective clients to individually keep track of their cargo up to point of final destination by giving them access to the e-tracking platform. This definitely increases CLIENT TRUST.
  • Maximum Control (Door open / door closed): Our intelligent solution basically supervises all container openings/closings. Get immediate alerts when the container doors are opened or closed – and see the exact location/time this happens.
  • Geofencing Reporting Capabilities – You will get to know in real-time of all entries and exits of your cargo to and from defined areas. You will also be instantly informed in case your cargo/container is diverted from its normal route along the way!
  • Remote-controlled Container opening/closing: We/You can remotely control the opening/closing of the Container Door irrespective of where you are. Our e-locking device can be remotely opened by an authorized user using system commands from anywhere in the world. Likewise, the lock can also be opened using an enabled-RFID card.
  • Real-time alerts –   Instantly be informed by email, SMS or text message when any event occurs.
  • Easy to fit – Our Container tracking device is a self-contained unit with no external wires or connections. It can be fitted instantly to any container or trailer.