Drivers contribute immensely to the success of any organization and more especially the logistics oriented entities.

Well aware of this, KinConsults offers you the following services:

  1. Driver Recruitment and Testing Service
  • Recruitment of all categories of drivers (from all countries within the EAC region) based on client specifications/requirements.
  • Conduct driver competence tests (theory and practical) on behalf of clients and recommend appropriate actions to facilitate the driver recruitment process.
  • Conduct driver screening and interviewing on behalf of clients and then recommend the most competent drivers for placement in your company.


2. Driver Outsourcing Services

 KinConsults offers you the opportunity of placing competent drivers within your organization for a specified period of time.  Our outsourced drivers can either work directly under your management or under the direct supervision of KinConsults depending on the agreed terms.

This service will benefit you as follows;

  • By using our outsourced drivers you will benefit from increased productivity as our drivers are professionally prepared to deliver to your expectations.
  • You will be able to focus on more productive, strategic and value adding initiatives in your company as we manage drivers employment records, salary and benefits, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance management matters.


 3. Drivers’ Records Verification and Management

TODAY, it is a very common practice for most logistics companies to erroneously employ drivers whose driving licenses are either forged or invalid. Such drivers are not only a liability to the company but can also cause the company to lose major insurance claims in case of an accident involving the vehicles they are driving.

Well aware of this problem, Kinconsults offers you the following services to avoid such kind of scenarios. 

  • Verification of driving licenses issued in any country within the EAC region.

Clients who take up this service will benefit as follows:

  • Only drivers with valid driving licenses will be maintained on the company’s employment record.
  • Avoid cases of possible operational downtime and loss of insurance claims due to expired driving licenses.
  • Able to track a driver’s performance over a period of their employment in the company.
  • Access real time information about any of their drivers. This may assist the company to expedite their obligations relating to processing of insurance claims and for any other purposes.


4. Driver Skills Assessment and Improvement

It is a well-known fact that majority of employers of drivers would wish to drive their vehicles as safely as possible (always) whenever on the road. This is true for all categories of employers, whether companies or individuals. The irony is …very few companies or individual driver employers have programs for carrying out periodic driver skills assessment to evaluate the performance of their drivers regularly. To better appreciate this, think about getting a professional driving assessment the same way you look at visiting your doctor for annual wellness checkups to identify and manage any physical or mental ailments in your body.

Well aware of this, KinConsults offers you the following services:

  • Carry out periodic driving skills assessment to evaluate the performance of your drivers and identify skills gaps.
  • Coordinate the training of your drivers to address identified skills gaps.

Please note that the assessment not only targets on-the-road driving skills but also other underlying health factors which might affect a driver’s performance while on duty.

Generally, clients who take up this service will be able to minimize accidents that may occur as a result of professional and health deficiencies among their drivers.

The specific benefits are, inter alia:

  • Able to determine whether their respective drivers have adequate diving skills, with no need for additional specialized drivers’ training.
  • Able to identify drivers who have specific driving deficits that could be addressed with specialized drivers’ training.
  • Able to detect early and address any underlying clinical ailments amongst any of their drivers which may affect their performance while on duty.
  • Able to determine whether drivers with identified driving deficiencies should continue to drive company vehicles and if so, under which conditions.


 5. Expatriate Training on Driving Rules and Regulations

Kinconsults offers customized training for expatriates and foreigners who intend to acquire driving licenses in Uganda.

The training offered include but not limited to the following:

 The driving environment in Uganda generally – the people, the roads, the vehicles, the traffic Police, etc;

  • Key legislation relating to driving in Uganda including technical guidance and support for acquisition of driving local licenses.