Facts about generators

  • Generators are critical sources of power in many areas of the world
  • Many of the generators are located in remote and not easily accessible areas.
  • These generators must be functional 24/7 with zero tolerance for failures or delays as they may lead to major engine failure or other catastrophic events if neglected and/or defective.
  • Generator operational lifetime is affected by maintenance, fuel quality, run time and many other factors.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Security are especially important to ensure generator performance all time
  • It is time and resources to delegate physical manpower at site to continuously monitor the generators.


 Our Solution

We have a smart solution that can help you remotely manage the performance of your generator irrespective of where it is located and time of day. The solution doesn’t require you to physically be at site 24/7.

Our solution is intended to prevent faults and malfunctions by monitoring the generator’s running hours, fuel consumption, battery level, engine parameters through engine control panel and maintenance alerts.  We set and get real-time alerts on maintenance schedules and ensure that your generators are always operating at their best.


Benefits of our solution

  • Remotely monitor the performance of your generator.
  • Remotely receive generator operating events and warning alarms
  • Get accurate maintenance and diagnostic information from control panel and more.
  • Remotely monitor fuel usage (refuels, consumption, theft , and more)
  • Monitor full engine performance from your desk.
  • Monitor all your generator sets on one platform without manually checking every single generator.
  • Monitor all your assets on a single intuitive dashboard. Essential information are summarized for your convenience.
  • Generate detailed reports to show the specifics like coolant temperature and RPM.
  • Achieve preventive maintenance by tracking trends and taking action against any abnormalities.