We carry out route surveys on behalf of clients in order to provide them with accurate and up-to-date information about the details of the trip to be undertaken to enable them plan accordingly.


Clients who take up this service will benefit as follows:

  • Will be able to get accurate and up-to-date information regarding details of every journey they are planning to undertake. Such information will include, but not limited to: Road Terrain, road tolls and related obligations/exemptions, status of traffic flow at selected points on the route, encumbrances/impediments along the route, hazards along the route, total trip distance, border points and obligations/requirement, black spots, etc, depending on client demands.
  • Will be able to come up with realistic total attributable expenses on a trip which will provide a basis for costing the entire round trip upon which fuel ratio can be derived.
  • Will be advised to deploy for the journey the types of vehicles that are most suited for the journey basing on the availed information about the route e.g road terrain, hazards along the route, over-head bridges, etc.