We provide high-end GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions with emphasis on meeting customized clients’ needs. Our competitive advantage in provision of this service is largely attributed to our system reliability and accurate/precise reporting of fleet status and prompt client support. Read more.

Are you a transporter, shipper or logistics entity? Are you looking for a reliable online electronic container/cargo monitoring System that can withstand harsh working environment and long hours of operation yet maintaining accuracy on status reporting?

Do you want to monitor your high value cargo all the way during transit from source to destination? Read more..

We have a smart solution that can help you remotely manage the performance of your generator irrespective of where it is located and time of day. The solution doesn’t require you to physically be at site 24/7.

Our solution is intended to prevent faults and malfunctions by monitoring the generator’s running hours, fuel consumption, battery level, engine parameters through engine control panel and maintenance alerts. We set and get real-time alerts on maintenance schedules and ensure that your generators are always operating at their best. Read more…

We are one of the leading dealers and installers of high-end security systems in Uganda and East Africa generally.

We offer our clients with reliable Security Systems to enable them keep intruders at bay and also equally safeguard their facilities, whilst providing solutions for internal management to protect staff and comply with Industry Standards. Read more..